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Monday, September 29, 2008

Clinical Faculty Development Scenarios DVD developed by the University of Portland School of Nursing added to the Pocket Nurse inventory

Pocket Nurse is pleased to add The University of Portland School of Nursing Clinical Faculty Scenarios & Teaching Guide to our product line! The item number is: 10-09-UOP1. The DVD was designed to assist new clinical faculty to acquire evidence-based teaching strategies. The DVD can also be used to promote continuing education for experienced clinical nursing faculty. The DVD consists of 3 clinical faculty simulation scenarios demonstrating both poor teaching practices and evidenced based teaching practices. The Faculty Guide provides an overview of the best ways to use the DVD, as well as questions to guide reflections on teaching practices.
Sincere thanks to Loretta Krautcheud, RN, MS, Joanna Kaakinen, RN PhD and Joanne Rains-Warner, RN, DNS for allowing us to include this wonderful DVD in the Pocket Nurse inventory!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Request for Teaching Tips

I am requesting Teaching "Tips" and Simulation "Recipes" to be included in the Pocket Nurse Volume 14 catalog. If you received our current catalog you know that it includes Customer tips on everything from making pseudomonas to turning a hemmocult slide positive. As a Nurse Educator, I know how creative my colleagues are! Please post your recipes and I will try to include as many in the new catalog. Thanks!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to the Pocket Nurse Blog!

Our Mission at Pocket Nurse is to provide both quality medical supplies and equipment for Healthcare Educators and Simulation Centers. We now are also offering information and updates on the current trends, products, and legislation related to our Healthcare Education and Simulation Center colleagues. You are invited to add to this Blog by posting "Best Practices", Conference information, product needs and other ideas that will enhance the education of students and meet the needs of Faculty.
As you know, the integration of Medical Simulation into Healthcare Curriculum is growing. Pocket Nurse is involved with AIMS (Advanced Initiatives in Medical Simulation) to lobby the Federal Government for funding for simulation. Here is the link to the Bill:http://www.medsim.org/advocacy.asp
We look forward to hearing from you!
Deborah Coltrane, MBA, MSN,RN
Director of Marketing and Education